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Product photo organic oat ginger cookies

Ginger-Oat Cookies

From our bosses own recipe we created this crunchy Ginger-Cookie...

Product picture voucher

Kostner Heimat Voucher

You are looking for a gift? We have the ultimate tip: Give a voucher...

Kostner Heimat bread knifes

Kostner's bread knife

Our popular bread knife with laser sharpened blade and plastic handle...

Productphoto gluten free buckwheat crunchy muesli

Lebenskeim Base Cereal

When making the buckwheat bread, I figured it would have to be a...

Productphoto Heimatmuesli

Lebenskeim Heimat cereal

A cereal based on our cereal base many of our friends can't live...

Product picture crispbread cheese spelt

Lebenskeim Crispbread Cheese

Our organic spelt is ground gently with a Zentrofan mill, kneaded...