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We are taking a break from 04.11. to 25.11.2021 and will be back right after!
Orders will still be accepted and processed after 04.11.2021.

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<p>Crispy Pretzelsticks with Salt. Goes great with some butter.</p>

Butter Hearts

A crunchy Butterbisquit like Grandma&nbsp;used to make. With a nice...


Our crisp and nutty Cantuccini are baked twice to achieve full aroma...

2 pieces of Spelt Crunchy Pretzel in packaging | © Kostner GmbH

Spelt Crunchy Pretzel

The spelt crunchy pretzel is handmade by our bakers. They have a nice...

Spelt Hearts

A classic butterbisquit with houseground organic spelt...

Strawberry Jam 250g

Homemade Jam from our own production. Made with our own recipe and...